Athletic Performance Training

First Coast Athletics offers performance training for young athletes (ages 8-14) that’s both safe and highly effective.  Experts agree that players of all ages can benefit from speed and agility training.  Most sports require bursts of speed and lateral movement and youth athletes need to practice those movements and perform exercises that develop functional strength and speed.  With First Coast Athletics kids will participate in activities that are a fun way to increase their enthusiasm for training while helping improve speed, endurance, strength, flexibility and balance.

Change of Direction & Explosion Training * Body Weight Strengthening * Coordination
Agility Drills * Balance * Form Running * Flexibility (Static & Dynamic) * Sport Specific Drills

COST: $10 per class
Ages 8-15
DATES / TIME:  Classes are held every Monday night from 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
LOCATION: Christ’s Church - Mandarin Campus Gym  -  6045 Greenland Rd.  -   Jacksonville, FL 32258